Myrtle the Loggerhead Turtle

Join Myrtle on her adventure of survival from Hilton Head Island to the Sargasso Sea and back!

Based on the story of a real-life super turtle, Myrtle the Loggerhead Turtle reimagines the beginning: the magic of a protecting mermaid, the danger of a shark and barracuda, and the yearning to return to Hilton Head Island for a very special job. With the colorful majesty of Mira Scott’s illustrations, we watch Myrtle from a hatchling to laying her first eggs 35 years later. As much a teaching guide as a fantasy, the book shows the life of the sea turtles in a playful way.

A percentage of every book sale goes to the Sea Turtle Patrol of Hilton Head Island.

Myrtle the Loggerhead Turtle is now published and available. Order today.

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Myrtle The Loggerhead Turtle is an archetypal story of the lifecycle of a loggerhead sea turtle and her epic plight to survive and thrive. The melodic refrain on each page is a lyrical reminder that nature is rooting for Myrtle’s return home. This engaging story draws the reader deeper into the drama of one of the most miraculous migrations on earth. 

Mira Scott’s art is brilliant and expressive. In the tradition of award-winning childrens’ books, her paintings will keep readers coming back over and over to visit with all of the characters.

Todd Ballantine
Environmental Scientist, Writer, and Artist

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And all of the Pelicans sang:
“Myrtle, Myrtle, dreams do come true.
Hilton Head Island is waiting for you.”